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Nelson College for Girls Boarding Hostel

Located on the Nelson College for Girls campus, the new 35 bedroom Levels Hostel is on the steep west facing site of the old 17 room building, it provides the year 13 students with a very identifiable break from the rest of the school, and a space that is clearly their own.

Constructed within a tight budget and timeframe, simple forms and materials mixed with strong colours and modulated with vertical fins that provide privacy and security to the individual rooms, the overall bulk of the building is broken and a visually invigorating addition to the campus created.

Internally the use of simple materials in their raw form is carried in the circulation space to ensure easy maintenance, and then balanced with the colours of flooring and the random pin-board patterning.Individual rooms have floor to ceiling glazing panels providing natural light and ventilation, combined with distant views increase the feeling of lightness and space to the otherwise small rooms. Large areas of glazing are utilised in the common spaces facing into the internal court giving a  spacious feel yet retaining the privacy and  security of the occupants

Contractor- IMB Construction Ltd

Structural Engineer- WR Andrew Ltd